My sweet little babies...

Ok, they are cats, but they are my little babies!

A sleeping Cassie.

An awake Cassie

A "I want to snuggle" Cassie

Brutus just woke up.

He's like, get that thing out of my face, lady!

"But if you have treats, you can take as many pics as you want"


This is too good...

I love Stewie... Gratuitous violence... sorry.

It's so funny though... I ask Joe often "Where's My Money!?"


Cats are funny!

So, Cassie's tummy has been bugging her just a little bit, but it seems to have evened out... Hopefully it's the water or something simple.... She seems to like Brutus' food.

I've taken to feeding him in the bathroom when I get ready in the morning. We only feed him twice a day since he's a big fat moo-moo cow... And it seems to be working. He doesn't like her food, which I find odd since he, well, eats anything!

It's been entertaining.

Brutus actually attacked her the other day... She's usually the aggressor...

Boy, can she scream.

I'll get you my pretty!

My dad's flowers. They spread like crazy! They definitely didn't look like this last year!


Pitter Patter of Little Feets

Cat feet!!! Drew Jaeger is getting married soon and his fiance is allergic to kitties. Well, his little girl, Cassie, sadly needed a new home!

I offered to take her in and love her like my own... Right now Brutus is not loving her.... And she's kind of bossy... lol. It's been fun and only a few hours!!!!

Here's a pic of her!


Slow as Molasses...

I've been rather hectic this last week again. Sometimes vacations are highly overrated.... Just for the simple fact that you have to come back to work and do more in one day than two.

I have some awesome photos to show you though! Yay!

Pamela's Strawberry Pie! Was delicious!

The sailboat... A very NOT windy day. The next day was too windy though. I didn't get to sail... :(

Birthday flowers for our coworker.

Joe and I on the boat.

I made these a while ago, but I still love them. Cow Bone and Czech Fire Polished bead on Antique Brass.


This is the life!

I went to help Dee set up her canopy on Saturday for a show she was doing... It looks so lovely! She has these new soaps.... I wanted to eat them... nom nom nom

I had to buy myself flowers... Since Joe won't. I think they are lovely!

Brutus being a bad ass mofo kitty.

My dad and I at the Twin's game a few weekends back! Who do I look like?


La la la lovely....

I just had lunch with Dee of Barefoot Bath and Body! I'm seriously stuffed and my brain is ceasing to work well.... But here are some pics for fun!

Dome Dog... Nom NOM NOM NOM! I couldn't eat it all, but I had to have one when we went to the Twin's game!

The little Iggie boy swimming at the beach for the first time! He had fun!

Brutus and his pink blanket... He loves it.

The newest project....... I'm kind of loving it. Sorry the colors aren't quite right, but I was inside when I took the pic!


I'll have to combine my Monday/Tuesday posts since I was a slacker yesterday.... I even took the day off!

My plants! Actually these aren't all of them... but the highest one is my new rubber plant! And my lily is new!

He was so happy I was home... Yet he took my spot....

I found this book at a garage sale for $.10! 10 whole cents!!! Whoo Hoo! It's pretty great! It was printed in 1977, so the pictures just rock!

My man, Joe, doing the discus throw.... He's weird. I love him still...

My thought for the day is this - Often, we rush through life not fully appreciating all the great things we have... I was away from home from Friday night to Monday afternoon. Joe came to visit on Saturday night, but I missed him terribly.... I am just appreciative that I have someone who loves me so much.... and try to make the best of everyday with him.


Montage Monday

Just a few photos...

I don't want to go back to work... That's what this photo says....! It's sunny for the first time in however long... And back to work I go!

This is my nephews little heinie as he tries to get back up again... Quite a love, no!? He even liked me after I combed out his hair...Kids are so funny

I have tons of pics of my cat... this is just a random one of Brutus. I luff him.

The Love... doing laundry. I'm so spoiled... At least I know my whites won't turn pink! Though, I hate to say, our towels ARE slightly pink.... I had to laugh.... He did it, but still...