Christmas Shopping

My dad and I went shopping this last Saturday. We both hate crowds... Maybe hate is too strong a word. We avoid them since we both have little patience. That sounds less angry right?

St. Cloud, MN is a nice college town and it boast a very large mall and tons of free-standing stores around the mall too. Outside of town is an awesome Harley Davidson store. My dad has owned a bike since 90 (I think). I have a small obsession with Harley gear... That's beside the point.

The awesome part of this shop was the pot belly pig! At first, walking in, I thought it was a statue.... Then it flicked it's little tail. I think I may have squealed a little. He was so cute!

I was scratching his ear and his leg started doing that twitchy thing that dogs usually do..... And he smelled good. Not at all what I expected. I told Joe (♥) that someday I may need a pot belly pig, but I'll save that Christmas wish for another year!

After Dad found a nice present for his girlfriend, we were off to the mall.

For hours.

And hours.

And annoying people.

This is what happened:

It was necessary and it was the best Margarita ever. Also, I drank the whole thing.

If I haven't said it yet, have a great Christmas and Hanukkah!


A new family member!

Deacon James was born on 11/28 at 5 or so PM.

A nice full head of hair like his cousin, Alexandra Jean.

He weighed in at 7lbs 13oz and 19 inches long.

Monkey Joe holding him for the first time! Doesn't he look comfortable holding the baby...? Just sayin'!


Happy Halloween!

I did Iggie's makeup, but it was an ordeal! He was not amused! Super cute though, right!?

Joe and I as Rednecks... I was more of a cowgirl... But whatever!

We stopped at the liquor store and the cashier goes "Oh, I get it, she's beauty and you're the beast!"

Friday. Everyone kept asking where my costume was.... Thanks, awesome coworkers! :D


While Sighting in the Rifles....

I was really surprised that my nephew didn't freak out. Guns are loud, right? He just covered his ears and watched the guys. Here are a couple cutes pics of the day.

He was really amazed at the woods. He lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, so being surrounded by so many trees was fun. He wanted to go play in them.

He's such a ham. He was posing for me and running around like a goon. Such an adorable little face!

It was cold, but so lovely outside! Minnesota is so nice this time of year!

Hanging out with great Grandpa and Grandpa. He really wanted to drive the tractor. And backhoe.... and scoop.

The sky was so perfectly blue!

Following Joe and Grandpa after seeing how well they shot their guns!


I ended up having to hold his ears closed. I'm already half deaf anyway.... Darn that gangsta' rap I listened to (and still do) so loud.

Trying to figure out what Joe was doing.

Just being cute!



It's been a weird week. My Grandpa Jim died one year ago on October 8th, so my hearts a lilttle heavy... He was such an awesome man. I know he's with God, but I miss him. He's in such a better place.... ♥

And I just miss my Cassie girl too. It's amazing how such a sweet little thing such as a cat can make your life so happy. She was a doll. My poor Brutus is lonely too. but I got my snugglebunch back now that she's gone, so it's mostly ok.

My other Grandpa was in the hospital too with VERY low platelet levels but they don't know why.... He's still running around like the badass German he is. 80 years old and still scampering about like a spring chicken!

Oh, and my dad fell off of a ladder this weekend while trying to put up his new deer stand. Joe says he actually did a backflip and landed on his back.... At least it was in the woods and he didn't land on some stumps or rocks.

I couldn't help but laugh (while I babied him) because it's just so my family.... We are an odd bunch and the most randomly odd things happen to us!


Duluth Trip!

Ok, yeah, I took a vacation in the middle of getting my new line ready. Not something most people would do when they are feeling slightly stressed about the whole thing.

Was it worth it? Heck yeaaaaah!

I can't go into details about a lot of things, but it was fun. Joe and I met up with his friend Zach and his sis Vanessa on the beach. I never though Lake Superior was swimmable. I mean, it's cold. It's huge and it's cold. Well, I burnt my feet on the beautiful creamy sand... so I had to walk in the water. It's cold. Very very cold. I was expecting the weather to be about 70... Duluth is a weird place, it's got it's own climate compared to the rest of the state it seems.

That pic is the other side of Lake Superior from the beach.

I'm really really white mind you... Red hair, palest skin. I look like a vampire most of the year... So I was under my umbrella most of the time.

Guess what, thanks to my umbrella, I'm actually tan. I don't think I've ever been tan. Ever. EVER.

I'll stop babbling now... If you are ever in Minnesota though, you have to check out Duluth. It's really a lovely place.

Here are some random pics from the weekend too. I kept out the embarrassing ones or the ones I just couldn't make sense to you even if I tried to explain... :D