Duluth Trip!

Ok, yeah, I took a vacation in the middle of getting my new line ready. Not something most people would do when they are feeling slightly stressed about the whole thing.

Was it worth it? Heck yeaaaaah!

I can't go into details about a lot of things, but it was fun. Joe and I met up with his friend Zach and his sis Vanessa on the beach. I never though Lake Superior was swimmable. I mean, it's cold. It's huge and it's cold. Well, I burnt my feet on the beautiful creamy sand... so I had to walk in the water. It's cold. Very very cold. I was expecting the weather to be about 70... Duluth is a weird place, it's got it's own climate compared to the rest of the state it seems.

That pic is the other side of Lake Superior from the beach.

I'm really really white mind you... Red hair, palest skin. I look like a vampire most of the year... So I was under my umbrella most of the time.

Guess what, thanks to my umbrella, I'm actually tan. I don't think I've ever been tan. Ever. EVER.

I'll stop babbling now... If you are ever in Minnesota though, you have to check out Duluth. It's really a lovely place.

Here are some random pics from the weekend too. I kept out the embarrassing ones or the ones I just couldn't make sense to you even if I tried to explain... :D

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