It's been a weird week. My Grandpa Jim died one year ago on October 8th, so my hearts a lilttle heavy... He was such an awesome man. I know he's with God, but I miss him. He's in such a better place.... ♥

And I just miss my Cassie girl too. It's amazing how such a sweet little thing such as a cat can make your life so happy. She was a doll. My poor Brutus is lonely too. but I got my snugglebunch back now that she's gone, so it's mostly ok.

My other Grandpa was in the hospital too with VERY low platelet levels but they don't know why.... He's still running around like the badass German he is. 80 years old and still scampering about like a spring chicken!

Oh, and my dad fell off of a ladder this weekend while trying to put up his new deer stand. Joe says he actually did a backflip and landed on his back.... At least it was in the woods and he didn't land on some stumps or rocks.

I couldn't help but laugh (while I babied him) because it's just so my family.... We are an odd bunch and the most randomly odd things happen to us!

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