While Sighting in the Rifles....

I was really surprised that my nephew didn't freak out. Guns are loud, right? He just covered his ears and watched the guys. Here are a couple cutes pics of the day.

He was really amazed at the woods. He lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, so being surrounded by so many trees was fun. He wanted to go play in them.

He's such a ham. He was posing for me and running around like a goon. Such an adorable little face!

It was cold, but so lovely outside! Minnesota is so nice this time of year!

Hanging out with great Grandpa and Grandpa. He really wanted to drive the tractor. And backhoe.... and scoop.

The sky was so perfectly blue!

Following Joe and Grandpa after seeing how well they shot their guns!


I ended up having to hold his ears closed. I'm already half deaf anyway.... Darn that gangsta' rap I listened to (and still do) so loud.

Trying to figure out what Joe was doing.

Just being cute!

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