I'm a slacker...

Seriously, I haven't blogged in forever... And I annoy myself. I annoy myself a lot actually.

Anyways, I've been sick this whole month. First the flu or something incredibly similar that didn't make me vomit or, well, you know, out the other end. I just had the chills and aches and pains.

NOW, I have strep or something of the sort. If I had insurance, I'd be at the doc checking it out, but, alas, I must home heal... Which means lots of hot chocolate and coughing. I'm ok with that. :D

BUT, I'm cleaning today... I'm going to finish organizing my craft room then... then, i'm going to set up the puzzle I bought as a reward for cleaning and work on making a quilt.... And I'm going to do all of this while job hunting, because being laid off is less fun than I thought the first month!

I'll let you know how that goes since I'm (hopefully) on the upswing of the sickness thing... And I'm hoping to keep blogging.