Happy Happy #6 - True Blood Season 2

Ok, I know, I know, I'm a bit of a nerd. I'm going to buy this tonight! I wish I had pre-ordered it weeks ago, but I didn't!

I've read all the books this series is based on... I even want to buy the Team Eric shirt. Call me a nerd, I don't care. :D


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Happy Happy #5 - Happy Birthday to Iggie!

My (*favorite*) nephew turns 3 today! Little Ignatius is getting so old....

I remember when he was born. I remember getting choked up, thinking that my little sister made this perfect (not-so)little baby boy.

And I've watched him grow... I've taught him things. I especially love when you ask him "Who is your favorite aunt?" and he says "Auntie Jenny". Yeah, I did that.

Also, when you ask him "Guess what?"... He says
"Chicken butt!"

I couldn't love this kid more if he were my own.

So, Happy Birthday, dear Iggie. I love you tons!

"I'm running... running... running...."

And walking in the grass with Uncle Joe

If you would like to play along and show off your happies (that sounds dirty, but I assure you it isn't), click the photo below!


No rest for the wicked...

I must be very bad. Or really unprepared.... Or a procrastinator. It's probably one of the latter, but I'm leaning towards the very last one!

I had a big ol' craft show this weekend. I slept for 4 and a half hours before it. I don't know what I was thinking. I need to learn to plan my time better!

That's really all I have today, since I'm yawning and stretching and thinking about getting another Pepsi........ :D


Something you may not know about me...

I really love Mexican food. Tacos, chimichangas, salsa, but especially enchiladas....

The cheese! The sauce! The onions and chicken! It's just the perfect little meal! Add some rice and you can't go wrong... Add some beans and you could, but still they are good!

On Sunday we tossed some chicken breasts on the grill... I halved them, seasoned them spicily (is that a word?) and we didn't eat them. I saved them until yesterday for my enchiladas!

I microwaved the tortillas, chopped the chicken and a whole onion. Then as if I were my own assembly line, I made three (yes, THREE) pans of enchiladas. And it took me less than an hour to prep, create and bake all three pans.

Thank God for cans of enchilada sauce, shredded cheese and pre-cooked chicken.

My sister makes her own enchilada sauce, but I'm too lazy for that! Also, I mix a larger can of the mild to go with the hot. It comes out perfect that way!

If any of my awesome readers has a recipe for deep-fried or pan fried chimichangas, you just let me know!


Something you may not know about me....

I'm really in no hurry to get married. Really, I'm not.

I'm 27 years old. I don't have any kids, nor do I want any before I'm 30. I have a job I hate, but I'm working on being self-employed. I have a great boyfriend of 3+ years, who is great. Oh, I said that already. We live with my dad, which is ok. (Really, it is ok!)

What's my rush?

What started this rant? Joe's (the boyfriend) friend, also my insurance agent, just told me that our good friends just got engaged. Just last week I said to Joe that they had been dating for 6 months less than us....

So. He didn't tell me about the engagement because I said that. Really?

How many times do I have to say I'm in no hurry....? And I'm okay waiting for all the good things coming to me... That I'm working for...?

Oh, you men, you drive me nuts!