Happy Happy #5 - Happy Birthday to Iggie!

My (*favorite*) nephew turns 3 today! Little Ignatius is getting so old....

I remember when he was born. I remember getting choked up, thinking that my little sister made this perfect (not-so)little baby boy.

And I've watched him grow... I've taught him things. I especially love when you ask him "Who is your favorite aunt?" and he says "Auntie Jenny". Yeah, I did that.

Also, when you ask him "Guess what?"... He says
"Chicken butt!"

I couldn't love this kid more if he were my own.

So, Happy Birthday, dear Iggie. I love you tons!

"I'm running... running... running...."

And walking in the grass with Uncle Joe

If you would like to play along and show off your happies (that sounds dirty, but I assure you it isn't), click the photo below!


  1. is ignatius his real name? cuz it's absolutely fantastic and love the pic with the magnifying glass. too cute!

  2. He is Ignatius Jay, the third actually... Not really truly the III, since they added the Jay, but he goes by Iggie. He's an amazing kid.

  3. That's so sweet. He's very cute. Hope he likes his skates. :)

  4. Ah, my daughter is turning three today too! Big day over at our house...Happy bday to your nephew!

  5. He is so cute, and his name rocks!!

  6. He is a cutie. The chicken butt joke is a favorite of my kids too.

  7. "Guess what" + "Chicken butt" = MY FAVORITE! Hope he had a happy birthday!

  8. Awww...Iggie's so cute! Love the photos! Definitely made me happy!