Christmas Shopping

My dad and I went shopping this last Saturday. We both hate crowds... Maybe hate is too strong a word. We avoid them since we both have little patience. That sounds less angry right?

St. Cloud, MN is a nice college town and it boast a very large mall and tons of free-standing stores around the mall too. Outside of town is an awesome Harley Davidson store. My dad has owned a bike since 90 (I think). I have a small obsession with Harley gear... That's beside the point.

The awesome part of this shop was the pot belly pig! At first, walking in, I thought it was a statue.... Then it flicked it's little tail. I think I may have squealed a little. He was so cute!

I was scratching his ear and his leg started doing that twitchy thing that dogs usually do..... And he smelled good. Not at all what I expected. I told Joe (♥) that someday I may need a pot belly pig, but I'll save that Christmas wish for another year!

After Dad found a nice present for his girlfriend, we were off to the mall.

For hours.

And hours.

And annoying people.

This is what happened:

It was necessary and it was the best Margarita ever. Also, I drank the whole thing.

If I haven't said it yet, have a great Christmas and Hanukkah!

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