I'll have to combine my Monday/Tuesday posts since I was a slacker yesterday.... I even took the day off!

My plants! Actually these aren't all of them... but the highest one is my new rubber plant! And my lily is new!

He was so happy I was home... Yet he took my spot....

I found this book at a garage sale for $.10! 10 whole cents!!! Whoo Hoo! It's pretty great! It was printed in 1977, so the pictures just rock!

My man, Joe, doing the discus throw.... He's weird. I love him still...

My thought for the day is this - Often, we rush through life not fully appreciating all the great things we have... I was away from home from Friday night to Monday afternoon. Joe came to visit on Saturday night, but I missed him terribly.... I am just appreciative that I have someone who loves me so much.... and try to make the best of everyday with him.

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