Catch-up + Ketchup

I'm feeling a little whelmed. Not quite over-whelmed... just sort of whelmed.

You don't think that's a real word? Really..? It is. But I only know because I looked it up here.

Thank God for or I'd make many spelling grammars.... and my writing would be interminable, irksome, and insipid (aka boring).

Back to the point, I'm whelmed. My list is getting longer. I'm not freaking out yet, but I could... If I felt the need.

Since the painful dry socket (13 days of agony!) from getting my wisdom tooth out, I've been struggling to catch up.... I was worthless for that whole ordeal. I don't know how anything got done. I was a zombie... Sleep, wake up, shower (sometimes no shower), go to work, leave work early because I was in pain, take a bunch of pain meds in between all those and then pass out.

Now the catch-up! Pray for me, people! Virtually kick me in the rear to get me moving.

Oh, for the Ketchup thing. I just really like it. Even on my carrots!

Love you! ♥

1 comment:

  1. On carrots??

    Did anyone videotape you after you came out of your wisdom tooth extraction? You could have been a YouTube star! ;-)