Happy Happy #8 - Gooselake Market, Take 1

Note: There are a lot of pictures because it was all so much fun!

This last weekend, I did my first "Farmers/Artisan Market" at Gooselake Farm in Elk River, MN. It was rainy. It was dreary. And the peacock was noisy. He was so loud that I didn't want to risk getting close to him.

Here is Dee with her wares. She may have been getting sick of all my picture taking by this photo...... :D (Click the photo to get directed to her Etsy shop!) And we saw Belly Dancers! It was pretty sweet!

Here are a few pics of my jewelry!

The llamas were not friend and DONKEY (in Shrek's voice) wouldn't even come near me! I think they didn't like my umbrella!

The chickens swarmed you if you got a handful of feed corn from the machine! Kind of freaked me out at first... especially the big ol' roosters! But the day was complete and utter perfection when I found the best pickle in the world. Ask Dee, she'll say the same thing... Delish!

If you would like to play along and show off your happies (that sounds dirty, but I assure you it isn't), click the photo below!



  1. That is a HUGE pickle.... Also, it's funny to me that one of the belly dancers is kind of dressed like she's at a rennaissance faire....

  2. I love going to artist markets like this one. Looks like you had a blast!

  3. I was like...Hmmm, fun day. Nice, nice, nice, cute donkey, nice, nice...LOOK AT THAT PICKLE!! Mmmmm, I do love a good pickle - and on a stick no less. Bonus!

  4. Man now I want a pickle....