I was sick all of February, but now I'm determined to get back into shape... Mentally and physically. It's daunting to be sick and feeling like you'll never be okay again...

A week back, I started cleaning up my work space downstairs (the full basement of a four level split) and it was tiring and messy. I annoyed myself with my mess, but I'm 75% there and still working on it.

Then I was going to start editing all my photos and listing things on my site... and the computer blew up. Not really like an explosion (though I wouldn't minded that actually happening) but it stopped working completely. Thank God for my dad having his old one. It was putzy until Joe installed our new virus protection... Who knew that 50 some viruses could slow a computer so much!?

My sister and I also may (I stress MAY) have found an investor for our business. I'm not even going to start telling anyone about it until I work out the kinks, but I'm optimistic, especially when said investor is a close family friend and a very nice man.

Today, I'm humming to myself while working on the mental clean-up. Later, I'm going to exercise. 14 months to the wedding and all.... I'm feeling okay, now, but there is so much to do. See ya!

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