I've been craving cheese for the last week again... I think my body is telling me I need calcium. Probably, right? I don't really like milk, but maybe I should eat more yogurt? No, even better... Ice cream!

Whilst ignoring the cheese calling me from the fridge, I've been working my heinie off organizing and listing items on my Etsy shop. It's tiring and lots of fun at the same time. Tiring that I have to do it almost constantly just get all of my 200+ items up there.... and Fun that I get to write all my goofy descriptions. And sometimes I really worry that they are uber goofy... enough to scare people away. It's not like I'm writing life stories about the items... but I just babble sometimes.

Like now.

Which reminds me, I wrote my newsletter for my business last night too... And I do babble! A LOT! Hopefully people find me endearing and not crazy.... :D

Anyways. I shall stop babbling at you now and go back to work.
Spring has sprung and I hope it's lovely for you!


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