I baked a chicken the other day with stuffing, potatoes and gravy. It's one of Joe's favorite meals. (It's one of mine too!)

To use the chicken completely, I made soup the next day. The man wanted vegetables and noodles, but chicken-veggie-noodles just didn't sound good to me. I decided I wanted dumplings.

I've never made dumplings until yesterday.... I'm happily surprised at how easy it was!

Here's what I did-
I found my Joy of Cooking cookbook and searched for dumplings. There were seven different variations of them, which surprised me a little. The first one though, on page 334, was the one I needed for a soup!

Whisk together:
1 cup cake flour (1 cup regular flour, minus 2 T is the same thing
2 t baking powder
1/2 t salt

Break into a one cup measure (I used my glass Pyrex):
One egg
Then add enough milk to make it 1/2 cup.

Beat the wet ingredients well, then add to the dry.

The stiffer the batter, the better. You can add herbs if you want. I thought maybe some pepper and parsley added would have been yummy!

Make sure your soup or broth is simmering, then drop small spoonfuls of the batter into it. Don't over-crowd the pan since they expand quite a bit!

Cover and steam them for 10 or so minutes. If you are unsure if they are done, stick a toothpick in (just like a cake) and if it comes out clean, they are done!

They were so delicious that I ate six.... Yeah, I need to go exercise today at some point hardcore! :D

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The Joy of Cooking is one of my favorite cookbooks! It's the perfect go-to guide for anything cooking related! Buy one! You will be so happy you did!

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