So, I've been laid off for over 6 months now.... Finally, I'm getting bored, I think. Probably only of the constant day-to-day of "what do I do now?". I own a small business, so I have things to do... and I've really been amping up my listing/marketing/blogging/all that other business-y stuff...

The problem is my lack of human interaction, I reckon. Talking to people on facebook, yahoo messenger and twitter are NOT the same as face-to-face chatting with touch-able people. (Not that I'd touch people, but the option is there. I'm just not touchy-feely.)

I need a job outside of the house....

I went to a place to fill out an application today at a garden/flower place. I was one of many. There were two guys, maybe a little older than me, and an older lady. Somebody had just left too. In my brain, I'm going- "Ok, wow, this sucks. I'm just one-of-many unemployed persons. crap." Then I'm thinking, maybe just maybe I can find two seconds to schmooze this dude into thinking I'm the best...

He asked me two questions- "Do you have any disabilities?" and "Do you smoke?"

There was not much time for schmoozing and thus impressing the man with my awesomeness.

Now I wait.

I'll work on my business stuff, but I really need to get out of this house more.


  1. I hope things get better. Ben was recently laid off and it really stinks. At least he has me and Garrett keeping him busy.